Tuition & Payment Plans

The eight-week Mindfulness-Based Intervention (MBSR) class, this fall, is  $450.   Persons with limited financial resources are invited to apply for a partial scholarship.  Please ask us about financial resources available.

The MBSR Program includes 31 contact hours of training, books, materials,  cd, and a daylong retreat on a Saturday or Sunday (11:00 am - 5:00 pm) between the sixth and seventh week of the session.

We invite you to attend the Informational Orientation free of cost. Attendance at the Informational Orientation is required prior to attending the eight week MBSR classes. Choose an Orientation session that fits into your schedule. Afternoon and evening  Orientations are offered.

Individual Mindfulness-Based Intervention Class Sessions are available .  Individual class sessions are $65 for a one-hour session. Books, materials and cd may be offered at  additional cost. 

Tuition may be paid in the following ways:

Credit Card, online. 

Cash/check payment at prior to start of program.

Purchase Orders may be submitted online.

Our goal is to make the Mindfulness-Based Interventions Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Classes available to those who can benefit, regardless of ability to pay.  and books, materials,   At the Orientation interview, the teacher will talk to you about financial considerations.

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